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Archive and Museums

Lockers are an invaluable addition to the archive and museums service. Not only are they a welcome addition to staff areas, they also assure a secure storage solution for members of the public who are visiting the facility.

Safe storage provision is particularly important for employees who work in buildings that are accessible to the general public on a daily basis. With our meticulously crafted lockers, staff are provided with safe and secure facilities where they can store uniforms, their own clothing while they are at work and other personal possessions.

Due to stringent security measures at museums, which are in place to protect the valuable collections on display, visitors are often searched as a matter of course before they are permitted to enter. No sharp objects are allowed into the museum and visitors with large bags or luggage items will be asked to leave them in secure storage before they may enter.

Crown Sports Lockers provides a large range of lockers for staff areas and for visitors’ use. We manufacture a selection of sizes and colours, and bespoke solutions can be produced to complement the existing décor.

For further information on our archives and museum lockers, please do not hesitate to contact us.