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Virtual Sports 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on this year’s sporting calendar. All over the world, sporting events of every kind have been cancelled including football, rugby, cricket, motor racing, tennis, athletics and many more. Even the Olympic Games have been postponed until 2021. Apart from the economic...
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The Successful Gym Owner

The health and fitness industry continues to grow, as everyone has become more interested in keeping fit, losing weight and improving their general health. According to the State of the UK Fitness Industry study, total gym membership stands at almost 10 million and the industry as a whole is...
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Tokyo 2020: Swimming

The Olympic Games 2020 are due to begin in Tokyo on 24th July, when the cream of the world’s athletes will converge at the new National Stadium for the spectacular opening ceremony. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government set aside more than £2.8 billion to cover the costs of hosting the...
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… And a Healthy New Year!

Many of us will be starting the New Year feeling too full of Christmas cheer and wondering how we’ll ever shed those excess pounds. The New Year’s resolution to be healthy is the most popular among UK residents. In a survey of the UK’s top ten resolutions, the top...
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The Story of the Christmas Truce

The Christmas truce of 1914 has been revered for more than a century as an iconic moment of peace amid the horrors of World War I. Thanks to first-hand testimonies, we can learn what really happened when British and German troops played an impromptu game of football on the...
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January Newbies: How to Prepare your Gym

If you own a gym, it’s already time to start prepping for the influx of January newbies! Although many of us haven’t even put up the Christmas decorations yet, the spike in new gym memberships as people fulfil new year resolutions is something that requires a great deal of...
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School Memories of the 80s

Going to school in the 80s was a completely different experience! Schoolkids today may find it hard to imagine life without their mobile phone or tablet, and similarly their school is likely to have a well-stocked computer suite, but back in the early 1980s, it would be amazing if...
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Premier League History

The top tier of English football is now in its 28th season. Contested by 20 teams, the Premier League was formed in 1992, after a period of dissatisfaction with the state of English football. It features English and Welsh clubs, making it a cross-border challenge. The league is one...
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