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The finishing touch that fights fire

Fire awareness has become a consuming issue for those in the building supply chain. Measures to slow spread of fire are vital and retardant finishes are likely to be specified far more now.

Intumescent paint lacquers are available for wood, providing a clear finish that also preserves the appearance of the grain.

Specialist autospray machines are needed to allow precise, even application and ‘weight’ of applied lacquers such as Xerofire, a leading high-performance furniture grade lacquer system that will upgrade a non fire-rated timber substrate to BS476 Part 6 & 7 Class 0 and Class 1, and also achieve top rating (Euro Class B s1-d0) in the European Fire Standards EN13501-1 on all wood substrates including veneered MDF.

The time and temperature between applying the prime coat and the finish coat is also a major factor in achieving a certified Class 0 panel. When direct intense heat is applied, the protective coat bubbles to provide a shield, stopping oxygen reaching the substrate.

Bespoke furniture manufacturer Crown Sports Lockers’ autospray finishing line can provide wooden lockers featuring Class 0 materials, designed for public areas in hotels, while decorative wall panels, wooden ceiling panels, floors and roof beams can be sprayed with a Class 0 clear or coloured fire retardant finish up to 90mm thick.

Crown’s Class 0 and Class 1 fire retardant wood lacquering service is available for one-off projects or existing contracts and for architects to include in their Class 0 specification. Also, owners and operators can secure their premises with new furniture carrying a fire rated finish that can assure reliability.