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The Different Wooden Lockers from Crown Sports Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers - Different Wooden Locker Range Revised

Standard Wooden Office Locker Range (Dry Floor)

This locker suits dry floor areas and should be fixed against the wall for safety. As standard, the locker bodies are built from oak wood grain finish boards to external dimensions of 1820mm high x 450mm deep x 300mm wide.

Standard Wooden Personal Locker Range (Wet or Dry Floor)

Suitable for wet or dry environments, the standard wooden personal locker range is perfect for changing rooms and offices alike. This locker should be fixed against the wall for safety and security purposes. It includes accessories like split rings, seating, anti-theft coat hangers, vanity stations, clothes hanging units and engraved number drilled key tags. Normally, it follows external dimensions of 1800mm high x 450mm deep x 300mm wide, excluding the recommended 100mm plinth.

Standard School / Sloping Top Wooden Locker Range (Wet or Dry Area)

This locker can be placed in wet or dry areas. Easier and faster to install because of the plinth system, its accessories include split rings, locker end panels, plinth system, engraved number drilled key tags and locker door numbers.

Standard Golf Bag Storage Wooden Lockers

Commonly installed in dry areas this locker is intended for golf bag storage, along with the other personal belongings of a golfer. It should be fixed against the wall for security purposes. With standard external dimensions of 1350mm high x 450mm deep x 400mm wide, excluding the recommended 100mm plinth, it is available in two types –lockers with no seats attached and lockers with seats attached.