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As a leading manufacturer of lockers for the education sector, Crown Sports Lockers has many years’ experience in providing bespoke locker solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

The days when school pupils simply needed a hook for their coat and other belongings have long gone. Even from nursery and primary school age, children now require a more secure storage solution.

Apart from lockers providing a safe and smart addition to the school corridor, they are also safer than the traditional alternative, as they take up less space and don’t cause a potential tripping hazard due to fallen items or have hooks sticking out which someone could walk into.

Lockers benefit the education environment because they keep items safe, thus reducing lost or damaged property, as pupils have somewhere to store their belongings. With a wide range of lockers for schools, colleges and universities, we also offer a bespoke service to cater to more specific requirements. We can also provide the associated seating for the lockers, including for school gyms or swimming pool facilities.

For information on our locker solutions for the education sector, please contact Crown Sports Lockers for a no obligation chat.