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Emergency Services

The emergency services in the UK are under continual pressure to be more efficient and to respond even more quickly to 999 calls.

As part of the drive to achieve an excellent response rate, many fire, ambulance and police stations are in the process of refurbishments to better equip the emergency services to deal with prompt responses.

Well-designed lockers and storage areas at the stations are of vital importance, as fast access to changing room facilities and the correct equipment will have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of the service delivery.

The needs of the emergency services in terms of storage are unique, as they require a safe place to store their uniforms that is practical – fast access to the range of accessories and equipment, 24 hours a day, is paramount. High capacity lockers are an ideal solution for storing heavy clothing such as uniforms.

As a leading UK supplier of specialist locker solutions for the emergency services, Crown Sports Lockers can work with the police, ambulance and fire services to design, manufacture and install a bespoke locker room solution to meet their requirements.

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