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Crown Sports Lockers’ high-quality range of lockers is complemented by a selection of useful locker room accessories including dirty towel drop units, clean towel stores, drinking water stations, shoe storage units, framed notice boards, full-length mirrors, swimming costume dryer units, product display cabinets and various items of ancillary furniture.

For golf clubs, we also manufacture score card desks, locker room administration storage desks and matching golf club scorecard desks and notice boards.

For spa changing rooms, we can provide towel station and product display cabinets, drinking water fountain units and various swimming costume dryer units, including a unit with a traditional walnut case, or other wood finishes.

Facilities such as health clubs can benefit from our full-length framed mirrors, and we can also install changing room oak skirting boards and matching dado rails for a seamless finish.

Our range of accessories is diverse and if you require something that you can’t see on our website, please contact us on 01803 555885, as there’s a good chance we’ll be able to design a bespoke solution for your personal specifications.