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Nottingham School

Nottingham High School is a 1,000-pupil, independent, fee-paying day school for boys and girls aged from four years to 18 years. It was founded in 1513 as the Free School by Dame Agnes Mellers, widow of the former Mayor of Nottingham, Richard Mellers.

On her husband’s death in 1507, he had left several bequests and his widow set out to open a school in his memory. A document was drawn up to officially found the school and it received the support of King Henry VIII.

The school taught only boys when it first opened, and this practice remained for around 500 years. It finally became a co-educational school in 2015, when the first girls were admitted.

Major refurbishments began in 2009, with a new Sixth Form Centre and dining facility. Other parts of the school were then refurbished, and an extension was built to cope with the transition into a co-educational school.

Crown Sports Lockers was commissioned to provide new oak MFC-door school lockers as part of the refurbishment. We supplied and installed two-tier sloping-top lockers with Crown Swivelocks, on a stepped plinth, with ceiling closures.

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