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The hospitality industry is booming across the UK, with restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs springing up in cities across the country. Every new business needs new furniture, fixtures and fittings – but often, staff lockers are overlooked.

Safe storage space where employees can leave valuable items such as mobile phones, wallets, handbags, keys, coats and other personal possessions is a must. Lockers can also be used to store a change of clothes, particularly if staff require a uniform.

Security can be a real concern, and lockers will allow everyone to work comfortably, safe in the knowledge their valuables are locked away.

Crown Sports Lockers’ wide range of lockers can fulfil the requirements of the hospitality sector, keeping employees’ possessions safe and helping in the quest to keep staff areas clean and tidy. 
We have a large range of designs to suit every décor and our strong and sturdy lockers come with a choice of locks to provide unparalleled levels of security.

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