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Office Lockers

Office lockers are an invaluable addition that will perfectly integrate with any workspace

Great for organising or purely for storage purposes, they are an elegant piece of office furniture that provides maximum functionality.

To complement the lockers, we can also produce mail sorting furniture to assure maximum administration efficiency.

We build bespoke solutions from the finest oak and in the finish of your choice, to assure durability and stability. Complete with smart key locking systems, everything we design is flawlessly finished to suit your preference – only the best is good enough!

Office lockers promote:

  • Additional security - leaving the work premises without a locker makes important files and personal belongings more exposed to burglary. Aside from alarm systems, CCTV cameras and security personnel, office lockers are also a good investment in terms of additional protection.
  • Reduced concerns for management theft - theft concerns are not just prevalent amongst employees: unfortunately, the same concern applies to higher management, too. Office lockers are distributed for the exclusive use of each individual.
  • Insurance cover for employee belongings - usually, only the valuables that are stored away safely in lockers will be covered by an insurance policy. In this situation, lockers are indispensable to both the employees and the company – peace of mind for employees and reduced costs for the company.
  • Increased productivity, with less clutter on desks - office lockers are also created to accommodate company assets and to ensure that no unwanted files or documents are left lying around the office, proving that order is also a company priority. A tidy desk is a more productive desk!
  • Utmost privacy, creating a personal space - theft amongst employees is still possible, no matter how long they have been working together. Office lockers respect the privacy of each individual, reducing the risk of unfortunate scenarios – resulting in a more peaceful working environment.

Skilled craftsmen

Extensive experience

With extensive experience and a firm understanding of office environments, Crown Sports Lockers creates bespoke solutions that are made to suit each specific office and commercial space. This ensures that the office lockers fit perfectly with the theme and setting, thus providing a good working environment.

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