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Public Sector

Crown Sports Lockers (UK) Ltd welcomes enquiries from the Public Sector

Crown Sports Lockers can help the public sector with our bespoke lockers, which are suitable for storing everything from shopping bags and luggage, to valuables such as electronic devices and even bicycles.

Storage lockers are an effective security solution in places like city halls, open plan offices and other local government departments, guest areas and storage areas for expensive tools and equipment.


Lockers are important in all types of office setting, including open plan offices, hot desk facilities and co-working spaces. Our office lockers come in a choice of finishes that will blend seamlessly into your workplace décor.

The public sector is under increasing pressure to minimise its spending, so we can provide cost-effective lockers for the staff and public areas of all government buildings.

Providing secure storage solutions for items such as smartphones, mobile devices and tech equipment, we specialise in staffroom lockers, giving employees their own personal space.

Large luggage lockers

If you’re weighed down with a heavy bag, which you don’t want to carry round during your visit to a public building, our range of lockers can provide a secure solution for storage while you complete your business.

Some museums, National Trust properties and archives have strict security measures that don’t permit personal luggage to be taken inside, so your bags can be left in the secure storage area before you enter the building.

Electronic devices

Many of today’s public sector businesses use expensive electronic devices and tools that are operated by several employees working different shifts. Lockers ensure the handover of devices can be done without the staff having to meet in person.

Organise the distribution and return of the equipment conveniently, at any time of the day or night, whatever the shift pattern.

Bicycle lockers

As we strive to reduce the use of vehicles in city centres, while doing our best to keep fit, secure bicycle lockers are more important than ever in today’s world.

Expensive sports cycles, mountain bikes and electric bikes can be kept safe from the weather, vandalism and theft, thanks to the latest innovative locker solutions – as well as helping to improve security, they can also help with customer service and satisfaction, so they’re an absolute must for the modern public sector workplace.