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School Lockers



Having now specified Crown Sports Lockers for the second time, I recommend their product in preference to other similar looking products. Theirs is backed up by rigorous client liaison to ensure that when their installers arrive on site, all is fitted swiftly and is exactly what was envisaged at order stage. Our lockers look expensive though weren’t, and set a very nice feel to any building.

Kings School Chester

As a secured and organised way to keep books, clothes, backpacks, gadgets and other personal items, school lockers fulfil the many storage needs of any learning environment, from pre-school to university, and even evening class facilities!

School storage can improve tidiness and boost the overall appearance of the premises. It also allows students to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced theft incidents as valuables are kept safe
  • Promote greater responsibility and respect amongst students
  • Improved safety, as walkways and floors are kept clear from randomly abandoned objects
  • Tidier changing areas in sports facilities
  • Storage for sports and other teaching equipment

All our school lockers are appropriate in different learning environments and for any age group.

Boost appearance


Education facilities are interested in results and so are we! We are so confident in the durability of our lockers that we submitted them for testing – the outcome? They passed the requirements of both BS EN 16121:2013 and BS 12150-1:2000.

When it comes to refined storage, Crown Sports' wooden school lockers take sophistication to a whole new level. We assure a smart, functional and quality range of wooden school lockers that are designed to accommodate every academic need. Available in a variety of attractive finishes, they will integrate seamlessly into any area.

With great aesthetic value, they immediately improve the ambiance in classrooms, corridors, changing rooms and walkways.

  • 1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier and 5 tier lockers
  • Locker body & sloping locker top option
  • Locker door option
  • Locking system option
  • Locker door hinge option
  • Finish options
  • Lockers can be adapted to suit all heights
  • Options for people with disabilities are available

We can adapt certain other specifications to suit your exact requirements.

Crown Sports Lockers designs, builds and manufactures every locker in our own manufacturing facilities to ensure that quality is never compromised. Our student lockers for schools, academies, colleges and universities are built to withstand the vigorous demands of a challenging environment.


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If you are interested in learning more about our lockers and how they can service your particular requirements, give us a call. For any specific or unusual requests, we would be happy to build a sample locker for your appraisal.


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